Fast & Furious 9

Fast & Furious 9  In 1989, Jack Toretto participates in an old model race alongside his sons Dominic and Jakob who are part of the pit team. Dom argues with rival racer Kenny Linder about his dirty tactics. Linder’s car is thrown into the car of Jack in the course. The car is caused to explode and burn that ultimately causes Jack’s death. Dom is later arrested for beating Linder close to death just a week later. He reminisces about Jakob’s work on his father’s vehicle that day and comes to the conclusion that Jakob murdered their father in prison. Upon release, Dom confronts and challenges Jakob to race and forces Jakob to leave the town in case Jakob is defeated.

Two years after the battle against cyber-terrorist Zipher in 2013 [N1] Dom has retired and raising their son Brian with his wife Letty Orbitz. Tej Parker and Ramsey arrive to announce that Cipher was detained shortly thereafter. Agents rogue took Cipher off his plane and crashed the plane in Montequinto (South America) even though no one was on board. After he realizes Jakob was behind the attack, Dom is reluctantly willing to assist.

They discover part of Project Aries inside the plane. The device can be used to hack any computer system. Jakob, a private army, is later dispatched to surround the group in order to take the device. Michael Stasiak assists the group of Dom get to their safe place. Mia, Dom’s sister is there to assist and they discover that Han Lue is involved with Project Aries. Letty and Mia then travel to Tokyo to look into the matter.

Meanwhile, Jakob meets with Otto who is his best friend and financier. Cipher is being held at their house and informs Jakob that the other half is in Edinburgh. Following the exile, Dom meets Buddy, his father’s former mechanic. Buddy invites Jakob to his home, telling him that Jakob has relocated to London. However, Dom’s friend Leysa helps Dom.

Tej, Roman, and Ramsey along with Dom together with Dom Edinburgh in Edinburgh, which is where Jakob is employing an electromagnet to gain access to the second portion of the Project Aries device. Tej and Roman discover the vehicle that holds the electromagnet. As they battle Otto’s men Ramsey is the one to command the truck to chase after Otto. Dom intercepts Jakob and the two battle throughout the city. Before Otto being able to capture Jakob, Ramsey runs his vehicle off the road and makes use of an electromagnet in order to take Jakob.

Han says that the safe house was arranged by Mr. Nobody to protect Elle and Project Aries. Elle’s DNA contains the biometric activation codes.

Jakob activates Aries and Otto sends the satellite into orbit. They begin uploading Aries to the satellite, traveling through Tbilisi by using an protected vehicle. Dom, Letty, Mia, Ramsey, and Han are racing to stop the upload. Otto double-crosses Jakob while Mia and Han attempt to get inside the truck. Then, he takes Jakob from the truck. Mia and Han attempt to take the truck down.

The crew celebrates their achievement by having a barbecue at Dom’s house. While they are preparing to give “Grace Brian O’Conner’s vehicle comes to the driveway. In a mid-credits scene, Deckard comes face-to-face with Han and is shocked to find Han alive.


Fast & Furious 9 (2021) เร็ว แรงทะลุนรก 9 (No Sub)

Fast & Furious9


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