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stuber Vic Manning is an aggressive Los Angeles Police Department officer who is in pursuit of Oka Tedjo. He was in the midst of six months ago killed Vic’s girlfriend Sara Morris. Vic’s superior Captain McHenry put him on leave. Vic is undergoing corrective surgical lasers since Tedjo’s pursuit was stopped due to his glasses being smashed off. Because of his decreased vision, he’ll have to take a break for a couple of days. Stu Prasad is approached by an informant who has a clue regarding Tedjo’s location. He contacts an Uber driver and is taken care of. Stu Prasad is a humble driver who is meticulously doing his job, while paying attention to Uber reviews.

Vic and Stu are escorted through Los Angeles by Vic’s investigation. Stu must deal with Vic’s violent and reckless behavior and his love for Becca who is a close business partner and friend. Together, they plan to launch an spin bicycle business. Becca is keen for Stu to come over to have informal sexual sex. But, Stu is in love with her and would like to have to have a more intimate relationship with her. Vic and Stu become acquainted with each more when they have to confront each other over Stu’s inability to be courageous in his relationship with Becca. Stu also criticizes Vic’s male toxicity and insensitivity toward Nicole who is a sculptor.

Vic stops Amo the main suspect in his probe, in the house located in Long Beach and helps to save Pico who is a Pitbull Terrier from being fed drug packets. Vic is able to take Amo as well as Pico to the hospital for animals following an incident in which Stu has accidentally hit Amo in the leg. Vic is told by Amo that Tedjo is expected to drop drugs later in the evening. Vic and Pico are later attacked by Tedjo’s men who make fun of Vic over the art exhibition his daughter is holding the following evening. Vic is able to fend off the criminals with the help of Stu and rushes to Nicole’s art show to warn her about the danger. But, she’s fed up with her father’s desire to locate Tedjo. Stu quits Vic at the drop-off point and calls Becca and confesses his feelings for Becca and confesses to his feelings for her. However, he informs her that not feeling the same as she does. Vic is in need of assistance at the drop location however Stu is the only vehicle heading his way.

McHenry arrives McHenry arrives, and Vic realizes that she’s an unclean cop who was working with Tedjo. She tried to get Vic to be convicted of murder in order to keep out of the way. Vic is shot dead by Stu who hits her. They attempt to escape Tedjo’s vehicle but they fail. Tedjo almost kills Nicole while they fight each other. Nicole has tracked down Stu via Uber and is able to get him to his home. Vic almost kills Tedjo however Stu does not take the shot. Tedjo is arrested by the police.

Vic and Stu are both hospitalized and recuperating. Vic reviews Stu five-star Uber (despite paying $5534.95 for the ride). In the meantime, Becca has launched a lucrative spin bike business. Vic arrives at Nicole’s home along with Pico at the end of Christmas only to discover Nicole is actually dating Stu. Nicole is actually in love with Stu.

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